First: the texpower package is great, far better than other presentation 
packages for pdflatex/seminar that I have used. From my use of it I would 
think it was fine for release in its current state, is there an actual 
release date for the package?

Now to my problem. I have some included some pdf graphics using 
\includegraphics (graphicx) package. All works fine, except that I also use 
the darkbackground powersem documentclass option. In addition to converting 
the text colour from black to yellow on a darkbackground it also converts the 
colours in the included pdf document. I see this as really useful as I can 
generate print (light background) and display (dark background) output with 
legible diagrams. The only problem is that not all of the image items get 
converted. It seems to be related to the depth of the objects as they were 
generated in the drawing package. As I create my figures using
xfig -> export to eps -> epstopdf -> pdf output

then I assume that it is a pdflatex issue rather than the use of xfig.

To demonstrate the problem I have packaged up the output and input of a 
minimal example on a web page (attachments are not very sociable for a 
newsgroup) please see:


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Martin Reed

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