Thanks for your reply, I am sending this to the email list just in case 
anyone else is interested.

It does seem to be ghostscript and xfig related as you said. Using gs6.50 (I 
was stuck with 5.50 due to a printer driver patch) does stop the 
unpredictable behaviour. However, it now has the effect that all lines are 
colour converted correctly but text is not converted. I am not sure what the 
problem is here but am about to start looking at the difference in eps and 
pdf output for a clue. If I generate a diagram from another packate 
(Killustrator -> export as eps -> epstopdf) things seem to be OK (ie all 
black lines and text get converted to yellow with darkbackground selected.

I have updated my example web page with new screen shot with output with 
gs6.50 installed and xfig content in case anyone is interested in seeing the 
problem :)
(see http://privatewww.essex.ac.uk/~mjreed/tmp/index.html)


On Tuesday 14 August 2001  3:21 pm, you wrote:
> Reed, Martin J writes:
>  > It seems to be related to the depth of the objects as they were
>  > generated in the drawing package. As I create my figures using
>  > xfig -> export to eps -> epstopdf -> pdf output
>  >
>  > then I assume that it is a pdflatex issue rather than the use of xfig.
> My guess is more that it is a problem with the xfig to eps conversion.
> There are similar problems with xfig to metapost and/or pdf.
> Can you please also make available the xfig source file of your
> example?
> I cannot promise to look into that immediately/soon, but I would like
> to, when time permits.
>       Klaus
> BTW: your pdf was created with ghostscript version 5.50. This version
> is rather buggy and should be replaced with a more recent version for
> conversions to pdf.

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