Tyler Hepworth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Is there a modified install.pl that will only ask questions related
> to application installation?  When I get new computers from the
> factory, I have found that it works as well for me to just add
> applications to them as it does to rebuild them from scratch.  I
> would like to have a batch file that kicks off the install dialog
> and then asks me about which packages to install.

This is not easy.  The install.pl script expects to hook into the
master OS installation, and it has preconceived notions about
formatting the disk and such.

What I usually do is this.

  1) Log into factory-shipped machine as local administrator.

  2) Open a cmd prompt.

  3) "net use z: \\ntinstall\install /pers:yes"

  4) "mkdir C:\netinst"

  5) "mkdir C:\netinst\logs"

  6) "Z:\scripts\perl.bat"

  7) "Z:\bin\todo.pl officexp.bat tightvnc.bat ..."  (whatever)

  8) "Z:\bin\todo.pl --go"

What we really need is real package management...

 - Pat

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