Hi again,

and thanks for the input. It's not tombstoned data I think, but over a really long time very many rows are inserted over and over again - but with some significant pauses between the inserts. I found some examples where a specific row (for example pk=xyz, value=123) exists in more than one or two tables, with exactly the same content but different timestamps.

The largest sstables compacted a while ago are now 300-400G in size over some nodes, and it's very unlikely they will be compacted some time soon as there are only one or two sstables of that size on a single node.

I think I will try rebootstraping a node to see if that helps. sstablesplit exists in 2.x - but as far as I know is deprecated and in my 3.6 test-cluster it was gone.

I was trying sstabledump to have a deeper look - but that says "pre-3.0 SSTabe is not supported" (fair, I am on a 2.2.8 cluster).


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