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>> But it seems, there is less interest. Don't know whats wrong, but it
>> seems the PHP world is overloaded with frameworks. It seems, even a
>> high quality framework as Zeta does suffer from this fact.
> In general, PHP has too many frameworks, and too few reusable
> libraries. I think for AZC it would be better to position itself as a
> managed collection of high-quality libraries than to try and position
> as a framework. After all, Zeta components can already be used outside
> of Zeta-managed framework code (for example, both Midgard MVC and
> Symfony2 have integrations with the Workflows component).


A similar project is commons.apache.org. It works very well.

> Which brings me to another point I wanted to take up. How about
> packaging and distributing AZC through the new Composer system? That
> would make the Zeta components quite accessible and easy to depend on:
> http://bergie.iki.fi/blog/composer_solves_the_php_code-sharing_problem/

Sounds very interesting. Will follow this project


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