In this case I can say that it was nothing to do with being slow .. it is a driver bug.


On 02/13/2018 12:43 PM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
Hi, Prahalad, Phil.
Maybe it is possible to add a log from jtr file to the bug report, usually it contains a stack trace on timeout. I am not sure that it is a good idea to update any tests without reproducing it, when we know that at least on one system it could be reproduced. The reasons maybe a slow virtual system and we need to update a timeout.

On 13/02/2018 10:15, Prahalad Kumar Narayanan wrote:
Hello Everyone

Good day to you.

Request your time in reviewing a minor change for a test bug

     [JDK-8196451]  sun/java2d/OpenGL/ times out


. The bug reports a test case- DrawBufImgOp, failing with Timeout error on Win7 and OpenGL backend.

. The issue wasn't reproducible despite multiple test runs on Win7 and Win10 machines.

. Hence OpenGL driver issues on the host machine is suspected to have resulted in this Timeout.

Code change:

. The code changes add a new keyword- “opengl” to TEST.ROOT and the respective test case.

. Since D3D is the preferred back-end on Windows, this keyword will be helpful to filter OpenGL tests from execution in future.

. Note: There are many bugs that are similar to the current one. But it’s hard to propose a common fix as some of the test cases execute with multiple @run tags (one for every back-end).

Kindly review the change and suggest your views


Thank you for your time

Have a good day

Prahalad N.

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