All great recommendations Tristan.

I picked up the Nuron 2x12".  Very clean pressing.  I always thought
Nuron/Fugue was perhaps Stasis or B12 but maybe really is a return of the
mystery racing car driver.

The Parabellum Detroit compilation from Rick Wilhite and Delano Smith is
out on vinyl now having been on bandcamp for a while and full of big names
and all decent tracks which is rare for a comp.

Erik Travis - Legends came out later last year,  quite a variety of styles
and great tracks in there if you're into faster electro


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> Date: Mon, 10 May 2021 13:01:29 +0100
> Subject: New 313-relevant stuff
> Yooooo.
> A couple of (313) things I thought people would want to know about.
> New Strand
> Newish Russ Gabriel on Ferox.
> I like his other
> recent stuff, but this is back on top form for me. Like he is drifting
> somewhere in between his '00s less techy output (of which I am a huge
> admirer) and the recent return to techno.
> Some Nuron releases I'd missed. There
> is also a new 2x12" Likemind reissue that I need to pick up before it goes
> Placid Angels - Touch the Sky
> (note, for some
> reason the digital release is priced much higher at Bandcamp than other
> stores for some reason I am struggling to fathom).
> Kyle Hall's MPC Dreams
> Urban Tribe reissue (which is incredible)
> Loads of other great stuff about presently, but this was the topical stuff
> I don't think I've seen mentioned.
> Cheers,
> Tristan
> Headless Horseman (HC002) releases 21 May

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