I just upgraded a Windows v12 client/server database to v15.2. The outgoing email features in the v12 application have been working flawlessly for years. Each user has his own outgoing email settings, but everyone is using gmail as the smtp server.

Today we are running into intermittent 10061 errors when calling SMTP_Send. The message says "The connection is forcefully rejected". Now comes the voodoo part. We had been using port 465 universally. Today we find that some users have success with 465 and failure with 587, and for some users, it's vice versa. For some users, neither port works. No code has changed related to emailing when we did the upgrade to v15.

I saw one NUG post that says 465 is a better port for connecting via 4D. It also mentions using gmail's "generate application-specific password" feature. Is anyone using that in your 4D applications?

Advice appreciated.

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