What I found is that there is a relationship between port set and number sent 
as part of smtp_auth command. When setting port to 587, you need a command line 
that looks like
SMTP_Auth ($smtp_id_l;MAIL_UserName_s;MAIL_Password_s;2). IN other words you 
must pass a number 2 as last parameter

Hope this helps


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> On Sep 19, 2016, at 3:47 PM, David Rose <drose...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I just upgraded a Windows v12 client/server database to v15.2. The outgoing 
> email features in the v12 application have been working flawlessly for years. 
> Each user has his own outgoing email settings, but everyone is using gmail as 
> the smtp server.
> Today we are running into intermittent 10061 errors when calling SMTP_Send. 
> The message says "The connection is forcefully rejected". Now comes the 
> voodoo part. We had been using port 465 universally. Today we find that some 
> users have success with 465 and failure with 587, and for some users, it's 
> vice versa. For some users, neither port works. No code has changed related 
> to emailing when we did the upgrade to v15.
> I saw one NUG post that says 465 is a better port for connecting via 4D. It 
> also mentions using gmail's "generate application-specific password" feature. 
> Is anyone using that in your 4D applications?
> Advice appreciated.
> David 

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