> Le 12 oct. 2016 à 12:22, Peter Jakobsson <li...@netkelvin.com> a écrit :
> Yes - SQL could have been possible. I don’t like using SQL for making 
> permanent structure changes though, ever since I noticed that relations made 
> with SQL are somehow “different” from ones made in the structure editor. I 
> think the XML is more native to 4D.

Tables and fields are ok but IMHO don't use SQL to create relations. Not only a 
matter of look (square at each end instead of arrow), it leads to worrying 
error messages if you try to modify such relations after. 

But, unless I'm wrong, about relations in a copy/paste process, they are in the 
copy but ignored by paste (tried v14 R5 and compared export as xml data vs copy 
items in structure). 

Arnaud de Montard 

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