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> But, unless I'm wrong, about relations in a copy/paste process, they are in 
> the copy but ignored by paste (tried v14 R5 and compared export as xml data 
> vs copy items in structure). 

Hi Arnaud

Yes, thats what I found also.

The IMPORT STRUCTURE command that Miyako recommended is great - it does the 
whole lot with high fidelity. Even gets the table colours right. The only 
problem I had is that I always get an error message at the end, saying 
something like “incompatible definition”, even though it seems to import 
everything perfectly. I didn’t investigate further but I’m going to use that 
option later so will return to it.

To me, SQL is really a runtime, not design time tool and I prefer not to use it 
when 4D has all these design-time specific options that are native. For 
example, one huge benefit of the pasteboard approach is that you can start a 
table off with a few basic fields. Then organise another 100 or so fields in a 
spreadsheet, evolving the names, fieldgroups and types till it’s perfect, then 
just paste them straight into the table (after parsing the pasteboard contents 
with the XML conversion). That is an extremely powerful design technique for 
front-loading a lot of the structure and business logic thinking into the 
analysis phase IMO.


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