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> [...]
> To me, SQL is really a runtime, not design time tool and I prefer not to use 
> it when 4D has all these design-time specific options that are native. [...]

Hi Peter,
much later… 

Just to mention that yesterday I had to add a bunch of tables (~50) and fields 
to an existing DB. I used SQL from spreadsheet definitions(save as cvs, read 
it, etc.) 

If one doesn't mind table positioning (*) and color in the structure editor, I 
found it very easy. Add table or field if it doesn't exist/modify else, delete 
errors, add "basic fields" (primary and foreign keys, for example), the 
TRAILING option… Worked great for me, I never added so much things in such a 
short time. I'm less happy with forms now  :-/

(*) 4D puts new tables "where there is place" from the top left corner, as I 
could see looking at the structure in 15% zoom and executing step by step. 

Arnaud de Montard 

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