This could be old news but I discovered this late yesterday -

In 4D's method editor, Ctrl-k is the keyboard shortcut for "Goto
definition" for the item that's highlighted. If a 4D command is
highlighted, pressing Ctrl-k will open the documentation web page for that
command. If it's a method that's highlighted, 4D will open that method.

In contrast to the simplicity of "Goto definition", the keyboard "shortcut"
for opening the Explorer is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+e which requires some dexterity
compared to a simple Ctrl-k. Further, working on different system
configurations means that some key commands are different - 4D
2004+Parallels+Win7 uses different commands from V13+Parallels+Win7 which
are, in turn, different from a V15 app accessed via Citrix on the Mac to
Citrix on Win 2008 Server

There *is* a very easy way to open the Explorer using Ctrl-k - place the
insertion point on an empty row of text in the method editor, press Ctrl-k,
and 4D opens the Explorer.

Douglas von Roeder
4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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