> Le 13 oct. 2016 à 16:21, Jim Medlen <j.med...@functionaldevices.com> a écrit :
> As mentioned ctrl-k (command-k) opens a method also ctrl-l (command+l)
> opens a form.

ctrl+l has changed, it opens "go to line…" dialog (since v13, AFAICR). It still 
works when explorer is the front window. 
ctrl+k opens a form _if the quotes around are selected - type ctrl+b to expand 
BTW ctrl+b is my favorite shortcut in method editor. 

> Is there a key combination that will find / open / goto an object on a
> form ?

I'm not aware of that. 
(except: know the object name, search in development, double clic in the 
result. Yes, I'm stupid)

Arnaud de Montard

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