Hi Tom,

Haven't seen this myself but it looks like something 's wrong in your dock 
settings. Have you tried by removing the icon you use to launch and then add 
the 4D v15.3 app again?
If you cmd-click (or right click - options - show in finder) on the faulty 
icon, does it actually point to the correct app?

Just some thoughts.

Op 12-jan.-2017, om 23:07 heeft Tom Dillon <tomdillonli...@gmail.com> het 
volgende geschreven:

> I have 4D 15.3 in the Doc on my Mac. When I launch it by clicking on it, a 
> second 4D 15 icon appears with the dot below it to indicate it's running. The 
> existing icon doesn't show a dot.
> All other versions of 4D don't do this, even 16.0.

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