I would like to intercept the tab/return/enter keys using the On Before 
Keystroke form event. However, with a default button on the form, I don’t even 
get an On Losing Focus event. With the default button not specified, the return 
key functions the same as a tab, so I can detect losing focus at least. 
However, I’m trying to make a bit of generic code, and a requirement to never 
have a default button is kind of limiting. Hopefully I’m missing something 

Also, I’d like to be able to fire the On After Edit event. The docs mention 
programmatic changes to a variable do not fire On After Edit (which is useful), 
but POST KEY will. However, if the variable contains the text I’d like to have 
available in On After Edit, is there a good value to use with POST KEY which 
will not change the value but will fire the event? Am I going to have to do 
something as kludgy as set the value to the value minus the last character, 
HIGHLIGHT TEXT, and POST KEY the last character?

Having all keystrokes available to filter in On Before Keystroke and a POST 
FORM EVENT command would definitely be useful.

Jim Crate

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