the "On Losing Focus" event fires as a "result" of another object taking its 
focus way.

is the default button focusable?

I don't think you can write generic code without knowing the next/previous 
object in entry order.

also, keystrokes are not the only way to edit text, it can be drag and drop, 
context menu, speech input, etc.
On After Edit is especially useful because it catches all means of edit, 
including copy and paste.
(as an example, in Japanese we press the keyboard many times to compose a 
single character)

thinking only in terms of keystrokes feels like going in the opposite direction.

> 2018/01/25 12:05、Jim Crate via 4D_Tech <> のメール:
> However, with a default button on the form, I don’t even get an On Losing 
> Focus event.

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