Nice writeup! Makes me sorry that I couldn't fit in time to attend the Summit 
this year.

I'll toss in a bit of history - "object" databases. It was a concept that kind 
of flared up back in the 90s but didn't get any market traction.

For instance, way back when I was working at Motorola, we tried to use an 
object database called O2 (example at 
http://www.db.ucsd.edu/static/cse132b-sp01/o2.pdf) to track requirements. The 
requirements for cellular system features were done in the hierarchical milspec 
fashion of 1.1.2,,, etc. so it seemed that a database with 
inheritance, etc. would fit. Ah well, another fine idea tried before its time - 
the user interface and development platform was all a bunch of command line 
stuff and it was clumsy trying to get it to connect to all the other bits and 
pieces of the organization. I ended up throwing together a 4D system, serve it 
to some web pages and declaring victory.

Fast forward, I _love_ the idea of dot notation. This seems like 4D could be 
getting back to its sweet spot of being able to generate an application/web 
app/client server db by small groups or single developers. Trying to build an 
integrated app using one (usually many cobbled together) of the javascript 
frameworks for android/ios/electron to get the full combination of platforms 
desired along with all of the fun, maybe-secure, maybe-maintained, node 
libraries and who knows what else dependencies is a ticket to a failed business 

Tom Swenson

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    I got back from 4D Summit 2018 in Washington DC and thought I’d post a few 
of my thoughts and comments about this year’s summit. 

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