On Apr 9, 2018, at 5:52 PM, Jim Labos wrote:

> Thanks for taking the time to give us this detailed hint at what's coming.
> This is fantastic and exciting news! I hope the iOS feature  will get
> developed to it's max. This has potential to open many areas for us
> developers.

The general idea presented is we start with a little and then wait to see if 
anyone asks for more. If there is silence from developers then no more will be 
done to 4D for iOS.

So the first version will be read only. The iOS app will download data from 4D 
Server and put it into a local store on the iPhone. You can browse the data but 
not change it. There will be some mechanism — probably pull down in a list view 
— to refresh the data in the local store from 4D Server. And maybe also options 
to let you set a timer to auto refresh the data at intervals.

Version 2 will allow modifying the data on iPhone — probably also create new 
records — and then have that pushed back to 4D Server. No talk as to how that 
will happen and the features and capabilities. It was sort of implied that they 
would build what developers asked for. 

I have 1 client right now that wants an iPhone app for accessing data on his 4D 
Server application. Read only of his contacts information would be great and 
very useful. But of course he would immediately what to be able to update the 
contact info and create new contacts. Also check inventory for products that he 
sells. He would also want to be able to create new “sales orders” and create 
quotes from his iPhone. That’s the basics. The bare minimum for him to say the 
iPhone app was “usable” and worth fooling with. 

I don’t know what version of 4D for iOS will let me accomplish this, but I 
intend on building an iOS app for this client as soon as I can. Read only is 
fine. I want the client to get the app on his iPhone and give me feedback on 
what is missing in the app and what needs to be added next. I’ll relay that 
back to 4D and then wait for the next version of 4D for iOS to implement what I 

I’ll give my client a little taste and wet his appetite. Then create more 
versions with more features as they come available. Of course billing him for 
the work I do all along the way. That’s the way I see it progressing. 

> I have not found a need for the object oriented code yet, but then I'm an
> old man who does not easily kill habits (good or bad). However I do still
> find that necessity is the mother of necessity (yes I said it the way I
> intended) when it comes to using new or yet used 4D code. In other words I
> learn very fast if a feature is all of a sudden required for a customer.
> But I am excited and encouraged (and proud) to see that 4D is still pouring
> creativity and features into the platform. As developers we need to be
> constantly kept excited and challenged with new features to at least
> experiment with and find new uses for.
> Some of us have made a career using only 4D. In the beginning 4D was not
> exactly the most powerful and/or popular software around. Look at it now!
> Keep it coming.

I like the approach 4D is taking. They are adding to what we already have. 
“Classic” 4D code will continue to work into the future. But they are adding 
the ORDA way of doing things. It is not required. You like they way you program 
now, you can continue to do it that way. You can add new ORDA code to future 
work, if you so desire. 


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