On Apr 9, 2018, at 5:52 PM, Jim Labos wrote:
> Thanks for taking the time to give us this detailed hint at what's coming.
> This is fantastic and exciting news! I hope the iOS feature  will get
> developed to it's max. This has potential to open many areas for us
> developers.

While it is great news that 4D is moving in this direction, I don’t think what 
most 4D developers really need will be available for some time. 

Let me encourage any of you who are waiting on 4D to provide IOS access to your 
deployed database, to take the plunge now into other means to the same end. 
It’s really not that hard. You can...

1. Use a Web Based front end. It is really amazing to me how well even a web 
site not designed for iOS works on an iPhone or iPad. If designed to fit in iOS 
even better. I will be giving a 4DMethod (https://4dmethod.com) presentation on 
the 25th of this month on using Xojo (https://www.xojo.com) to create such a 

2. Use XCode to create a native iOS front end. With Swift it is really easy for 
any 4D developer to learn. The only tricky part is getting it deployed.

Hey, I have done both and if I can do it anyone can. How many years have we 
waited for 4D to implement native iOS functionality. Thus far every step in 
that direction has, in my opinion, fizzled out. Wakanda is a good option and 
still going, but I couldn’t get my mind around using it with 4D. 

This new approach is good news, and I will probably jump in and use it for 
simple display of data from the database. A good step in the right direction, 
but really you do not have to wait. Take the leap outside of 4D, you won’t 
regret it.

My 2 cents worth… John

John Baughman
Kailua, Hawaii
(808) 262-0328

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