On Apr 11, 2018, at 2:00 PM, Chip Scheide wrote:

> Is there a way to see exactly what is being sent to the (in this case) 
> CMD, or Terminal?

Hi Chip,

Every time I am going to do a new LEP command, the first thing I do is manually 
execute it in a Command or Terminal window on macOS. I don’t even try to just 
code up the string and run it with LEP. Too many times I’ve miss a space or a 
double-quote or I’m doing the wrong thing all together.

So I first get the command working in the Terminal window. Then I copy it and 
paste it as a comment in the 4D method. For future reference. Then I write the 
code to create this command in the method. I always put the entire command in a 
text variable like $command_t.  I have a “debug” line in the method that does 

Now I run LEP and if it works I’m done. If not, I do a paste into the Terminal 
window and run it and see what error messages are displayed, or I see what I 
did wrong (i.e. missed a space or a double-quote). 

That’s how I do it.


Tim Nevels
Innovative Solutions

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