I think the problem is in escaping the file path.
I'm trying to get xCopy to work.

I have tried a variety of variations, none of which want to work.
That is why I would like to see what it is that LEP is handing off to 
the OS

On Wed, 11 Apr 2018 19:31:34 +0000, Timothy Penner wrote:
> Hi Chip,
> I agree with Tim Nevels' approach. It’s very solid.
> Another thing to add, is that sometimes you may need to call the 
> actual cmd.exe and feed your command into that, as described in this 
> tech tip:
> http://kb.4d.com/assetid=76658
> On windows that would be like this:
> $theRestOftheCommand:="cp thisFile here"
> $command_t:="cmd.exe /C "+$theRestOftheCommand
> Regarding this:
>> I have done the set text to pasteboard thing, and I have pasted into 
>> a .bet file -- it works.
> Pasting it into a batch (I assume you meant .bat file) is not the 
> same as running it in the Command Interpreter; for example, a batch 
> file lets you execute multiple lines as a batch, while the Command 
> Interpreter (and 4D's LEP) only lets you execute one line at a time.
> Also, if the .bat file works, then you could always try executing the 
> .bat file from 4D using LEP.
> -Tim
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