Hi Chip,

I agree with Tim Nevels' approach. It’s very solid.

Another thing to add, is that sometimes you may need to call the actual cmd.exe 
and feed your command into that, as described in this tech tip:

On windows that would be like this:

$theRestOftheCommand:="cp thisFile here"
$command_t:="cmd.exe /C "+$theRestOftheCommand

Regarding this:
> I have done the set text to pasteboard thing, and I have pasted into a .bet 
> file -- it works.

Pasting it into a batch (I assume you meant .bat file) is not the same as 
running it in the Command Interpreter; for example, a batch file lets you 
execute multiple lines as a batch, while the Command Interpreter (and 4D's LEP) 
only lets you execute one line at a time.

Also, if the .bat file works, then you could always try executing the .bat file 
from 4D using LEP.


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