> Someone else pointed out, I think off list, that I would have a conflict with 
> 19814. So I did a bit of testing with netstat. Based on the netstat results I 
> don’t believe that 4D is necessarily grabbing one below and one above the set 
> application port.

You are correct, 4D doesn't grab a port one *below* a configured port, but it 
does grab a port *above* the configured application port.

To be clear, we have the following *configurable* port options and their 

SQL: 19812 (v11 default was 1919)
App: 19813+1 (the +1 is the DB4D port)

So by default, 4D listing on:

SQL: 19812 (configurable)
App: 19813 (configurable)
DB4D: 19814 (NOT configurable; this is inherited from the App port +1)

See also:

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Win box

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I hope this clears things up.


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