Alan Tilson:

> Has anyone had issues with REDRAW WINDOW working differently or not working
> in v17? I have an output form with a boolean variable in the header that
> affects the text color of the fields in each line of output as well as
> determining which of a few optional fields are displayed. If I call REDRAW
> WINDOW after changing the boolean variable the records list does not
> change. If I click on another window and come back to the original window
> everything updates.
> This worked fine in v13.
> Am I missing something?

4D V6 or V7 was the last version where REDRAW WINDOW was redrawing the whole 
window, then 4D began to "optimize" the redrawing. Maybe it is faster now, but 
it definitely is no longer working as expected.
My workaround:

  // Methode: RedrawWindow
  // Angelegt: BF 16.09.03
  // Objekt: Dienstroutine
  // Beschreibung: Umgehung für das seit 4D 2003 nicht mehr zuverlässig 
funktionierende Redraw Window
  // ----------------------------------------------------


GET WINDOW RECT($lLeft;$lTop;$lRight;$lBottom)
SET WINDOW RECT($lLeft;$lTop;$lRight-1;$lBottom)
SET WINDOW RECT($lLeft;$lTop;$lRight;$lBottom)

Gives a short flicker, but is the only way I know of to actually redraw a 
Maybe someone else has found another solution without the flicker?

Greetings from Germany,
Bernd Fröhlich
4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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