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> écrit :
> given a pointer to a table, or a pointer to a field of a table,
> I want to be able, for the current record of this table, to :

Hi Chip, 
I use this for foreign keys: 

//DB_getForeignKeys (aTable_p)
For ($table_l;1;Get last table number)
        Case of
                : (Not(Is table number valid($table_l)))
                : ($table_l=$parentTable_l)
                For ($field_l;1;Get last field number($table_l))
                        If (Is field number valid($table_l;$field_l))
                                GET RELATION 
                                If ($parentTable_l=$destinationTable_l)
                                        APPEND TO 
                                End if
                        End if
                End for
        End case
End for
$0:=Size of array($FKarray_p->)

Primary is easier, just loop through fields of the start table and check if a 
relation exists for the current one (as above). 

Arnaud de Montard 

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