On our system:
(Windows 10 4D 17r4)
(We are 100% windows, creating new builds 3x week)

On Windows, the built app creates a folder:  "AppName"
This has the "Appname.exe" in it

Inside of that folder is another folder:  "Database"  This holds the 
.4DC/.4Dindy files

Clicking on the .EXE works just fine

Don't know about the "appname.4Dbase" folder
Something in the buildapp.xml?

I'll be glad to look at your buildapp.xml file if you want to send it to me.

Randy Engle

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Hey All,

I couldn’t find anything in KB that explained this situation.

Windows 10 - 4D v17r4

I just noticed that the build of an engined version of my app creates two 

STR# 10135, 18 -> Appname.4dbase -> includes the .4DC/.4DIndy files STR# 10135, 
19 -> Appname -> includes executable

Is this related to the application build XML or JSON file?

I haven't had to create a standalone app on windows since 
DataPulse/StructurePulse 10 years ago. And it looks like I will need both of 
these folders as part of the “App”.

Can they just be renamed and then included in another folder? And isn’t there a 
way of creating a file (an alias like) where the client will click that and the 
app will work? I really like to keep them out of these folders.

Does an install program on windows manage these pieces as well.

If you have experience creating a standalone app on windows I’d appreciate any 
help. Any time saved is huge at this point.

Thanks for your help,
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