Thanks for all the suggestions.

The problem with the Progress component is that either it displays only one 
line (the current subtask) or it clutters the screen with lots of irrelevant 
(for my purposes) progress bars. Each step in the process will take a minimal 
amount of time, but as what it’s doing is submitted a tax return, I’d like to 
be kept informed that it’s gone as expected.

Peter’s solution is close to the one I’d anticipated, and as it turns out does 
after five minutes exactly what I needed. I asked because I thought there might 
be a simpler way.

This is what I’ve now done:

1. Create form with global text variable in nice, large object and a default 
“Done” button.
2. Create method which opens window and shows that form using DIALOG
3. In working process,
        a. declare global text variable
        b. make new process in which that method runs;
        c. repeat { do work; add informative text to global variable; POST 
3. Er, that’s it (and it works better when I remember carriage returns).

It produces something like this, one line or part line appearing at a time:

Inelegant, perhaps, but simple.

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