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We first saw many of these symptoms with v16R6 using the new network layer....

... using v16R6 with the new network layer, we did get mass disconnections 
occurring and also seeing the Admin window changing the Accept/Reject by 
itself.  So after a mass disconnection, new connections couldn't be made.  At 
least that's what we initially thought.  It turned out that if you waited long 
enough (several minutes), connections would again be allowed...

In the end,4D  figured out a possible cause through some diagnostic logs they 
got from another customer.  The reference for the issue was ACI0098997.  It was 
fixed in v17 HF4 and obviously also fixed in v17.1.....

Whilst the issue was fixed by4D,  the actual problem is caused by4D  Server 
receiving an incomplete set of packets from one or more4D  Remotes.  This could 
be due to any number of potential network or client machine issues....

Many thanks for your detailed information.

I'm absolutely gobsmacked the 4D France (via 4D Australia) appears to have been unwilling and or unable to provide that information directly to us, given the questions I've been asking an the information I've been providing.

Back in mid-January I was told:
4D v17 R3 has just been released.  It contains those fixes :

ACI0098530 : "Accept new connections" button does not allow 4D Remote to connect again to 4D Server. ACI0098997 : 4D Server become unable to accept new connection after receiving an incorrect client request.

The interesting thing to note is that ACI0098530 IS LISTED in the "v17 R3- Fixed bugs" list ( BUT, ACI0098997 is NOT listed in the Fixed Bugs list.

I have now been through the recent bug fix documentation: ->  Says ACI0098997 Fixed in  16.4 HF1             ->  Says ACI0098997 Fixed in 17.0 HF4  and 16.4 HF1         ->  NO MENTION OF ACI0098997         ->  NO MENTION OF ACI0098997         ->  NO MENTION OF ACI0098997

I'm beginning to suspect that it was NOT actually implemented in v17R3, and that in the R3 version (i.e. the version that we're currently running), it's still an existing bug/problem.

What concerns me is that it's not mentioned in the v17R4 Bug Fix list that is currently available, either.   :-(

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