Hi all,

I’m trying to implement a type-ahead feature in an array listbox cell.

I have this functionality in a form variable, and it works great- when the user 
types, code in the on after edit finds the first record value in a field that 
matches the first few characters, fills in the rest, and highlights the new 
characters so that if the user continues typing the item found can be replaced.

The problem I’m having is that apparently in a listbox, you cannot call 
highlight text on a cell to highlight partial text. 

So, first off- am I correct that HIGHLIGHT TEXT will not work in a listbox?  If 
it WILL work, can someone post code since mine is not working, and it “should” 
as far as I can tell, but the docs say it will not work in a subform field.  I 
don’t know if a listbox qualifies or not, but it seems to.

Second, assuming that HIGHLIGHT TEXT does NOT work in a listbox, how are others 
doing type-ahead in a list box?  Surely I’m not the first person to want to do 

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