On May 13, 2019, at 9:00 AM, Armin wrote:
> the ALP v9 pdf manual shows you the different options at page 127
> for column 6 and 7
> AL_SetColumnLongProperty (eList;6;ALP_Column_BackColor;0xFFAAEECC)
> AL_SetColumnLongProperty (eList;7;ALP_Column_BackColor;0xFFAAEECC)

Thanks to everyone that replied. My problem was that this database is very old 
and still runs in ALP “compatibility” mode. So I was referencing the ALP 8.5 
User Manual which does not have these new commands. That’s why I couldn’t 
figure out how to do it. I’d forgotten all about compatibility mode. 

I like that you can switch out of compatibility mode, use new commands and then 
switch back into compatibility mode. Very convenient and saves having to do a 
lot of code rewriting. 


Tim Nevels
Innovative Solutions

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