On 31/03/2019 16:54, Edward Watson wrote:
> We are now accepting nominations for anyone who wishes to stand for
> election as a director for the next year. Nominations can be made by
> sending an email to 57north-announce at lists.57north.co stating that
> you would like to stand (and some explanation of why) before the
> meeting or by indicating that you want to stand when we get to that
> part of the meeting. Please send it as soon as possible.

I nominate myself for standing for election as a director. We're still
"before the meeting" so this is technically not late, and I guess is
more notice than "when we get to that part of the meeting".

Between February 2014 to October 2014 (according to what I have on my
CV, these dates may be wrong) I was a founding director of the
hackerspace. It's great to see that since then we have grown our
membership and even grown our space along with it.

For the last 5 years, I've been running some computing infrastructure
for members of the space that has so far been pretty much just run by
me. This is known as "hackr" and is the thing behind our wiki, etherpad,
and pleroma.

I'd like to now resume being a director to achieve a goal. This involves
incorporating a non-profit, non-hierarchical, worker cooperative as a
community interest company and moving responsibility for managing this
infrastructure to that cooperative.

The mission would be (roughly, not fixed yet) to provide computing
services to local groups and individuals. For the current services
provided to the hackerspace, I expect that the cooperative would charge
57North Hacklab Ltd. a peppercorn subscription fee initially.

Any surplus generated would be divested back into (roughly, not fixed
yet) enhancing our local hacker facilities (including 57North Hacklab),
and/or free software products that the cooperative benefits from, with
exact proportions to be decided by the cooperators.

Once things are going along, there would be opportunities for paid
employment within the cooperative.

If you are interested in my qualifications, please check out my CV:


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