I really like rsc's libtask and have managed to hide it in a few products.

As for your question: What architecture? Any runtime available?

Personally, I've used libtask on ARM/x86 under Linux/OSX... hardly "bare
metal" though.

The current implementation depends mostly on the ucontext API + berkeley
sockets for net stuff.

There's another project called http://libmill.org/ that is (was?) based on
setjmp/etc that might be easier to port.

Do keep me posted on your "travels"... I'm interested in this kind of stuff

...or maybe we should just all help Charles updating/minimizing Inferno...


On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 4:38 AM, Steve Simon <st...@quintile.net> wrote:

> Anyone stripped rsc's libtask for use on a bare metal embedded system,
> I'am about to do it but if somone already has I could steal it.
> -Steve

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