mine is a dual atom mini itx box, with two mirrored disks - though i have an 
ssd to add when i get a chance.

the server is a combined auth/cpu/venti/fossil/mail/domain/web server.

it consumes 26watts which could be better but is not bad.

a pi with a few sata3 interfaces would be interesting.


> On 12 Oct 2016, at 16:31, California Electric <californiaelect...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> Jim,
> There are other low cost alternatives than an rpi. Higher kilowatt-hour cost 
> for sure than an rpi, but cheap...
> My current 32bit bell labs distro file server is a Lenovo (IBM) m58p small 
> form factor. It has a 3.33 ghz intel core2 duo cpu, upgraded from it's stock 
> 3.0ghz core2 duo. I have also tested it with a 3.0ghz core2 quad cpu, and 
> that works. With AHCI set to native everything works, including multiple 
> cores and built in gigabit ethernet. I boot off a USB stick, and it runs a 
> 512GB fossil from SSD. I bought mine for 60 $US on eBay. I just checked and 
> they are as low as half that now. Tilted on its side it doesn't take up much 
> shelf space at all.
> The fossil is backed by a very large venti running under plan9port on a mac 
> that does other things, too. 
> My auth server is an rpi though, the original, and it sits on top and gets 
> its power from one of the USB ports on the fs, so it's all pretty compact and 
> a single switch.
> Greg
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>> On Oct 11, 2016, at 5:33 PM, James A. Robinson <jim.robin...@gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>> Folks,
>> One of the things I'm thinking about is setting up a full Plan 9
>> cluster, meaning one of the components would be a stand-alone
>> fileserver hooked up to a decent amount of storage.
>> I was wondering what experience people have had with slower or faster
>> machines in this role?
>> I was wondering whether or not it'd be feasible to hook up something
>> like http://tinyurl.com/jgov5gc (Amazon.com) to something small like a
>> Raspberry Pi 3, or if the I/O would be too much for that kind of
>> computer to handle.
>> Does anyone here run a fileserver on a small computer like a
>> raspberry pi 3, or perhaps something like an Intel nuc?
>> I wouldn't be supporting multiple users, just myself moving between
>> a couple of devices.
>> Jim

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