Ha, looks familiar:


Very neat, thank you for the description.   But it's probably a bit
more than I can fit into my closet. :-P

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 11:31 AM Brantley Coile <brantleyco...@me.com>

> SouthSuite’s production stack, plus a little.
> The top box, “wrens”, is a diskless file server, work done by the Great
> Quanstro. It’s Ken’s file server that uses ATA-over-Ethernet for its
> storage. The bottom of the picture are two SRX storage shelves, “300” and
> “200”, that are mirrors of each other. The machine “dmr” is our auth
> server, and “research” is our CPU server. Eric’s 9atom setup is mixed in
> there as well.
> They will pry IL out of my cold, dead fingers.
> Obviously this was all constructed, for the most part, out of old Coraid
> SRX junk that was laying around. Dmr was the first equipment purchased for
> SouthSuite proper.

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