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>> That said, I deem it unfortunate that there isn't a drive to
>> consolidate the various flavours of Plan 9 into a single offering, or
>> at least identify and discuss the differences and provide for the
>> choices from a single source (pun intended).
> Have you considered providing this service?
> sl
Touche'. I'd certainly like to contribute, but herding the Plan 9 cats
is beyond any managerial skills I may have.

Actually, I think one needs to resist the temptation to write any code
until the underlying design, specially of the perimeter API/ABI has
been discussed to death. I know I find that extremely hard to do at
all times.

My own nature is one of cooperative development, but it is not the
current fashion and perhaps it suppresses the essential creative
spirit. Thankfully, I seem to have reached an  age when I no longer
believe it is up to me to make things happen: there are so many eager,
younger minds with so much more to offer.


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