On 2/13/18, hiro <23h...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Lucio, what commit are you missing in 9front that you would like to see
> merged?

Wrong person, Hiro :-)

I am a strict 9legacy user, down to only a few patches past a very old
Plan 9 release, just enough modernity to run Go plus a few of my own
tiny tweaks (notably making the cursor disappear if the mouse stands
still long enough, nothing else comes to mind right now).

I like what 9front seems to be, but I have never used it and I'm a bit
of an old dog. What little ability I have left to learn new tricks
seems to be consumed in keeping Linux Mint running.

Sad, indeed!

Still, I think I understand your question correctly: "what would I
install on Plan 9 from the 9front distribution?"

Only two things stand out: the combined audio driver (ESS and
Soundblaster) and the kernel fixes I now cinap has implemented but I
have never had occasion to use.

On a more objective level, as I know 9front has diverged significantly
from 9legacy, but it's only an estimate on my part, the following may
be worth mentioning.

These things pop up occasionally, but they are minor nits and I ignore
them. I know that I have to reset my workstation rather than just
reboot it, whereas 9atom gets that right (minor irritant, there's a
button for that) but I think that's where I would push if I knew
someone really cares about it. VESA isn't a nice alternative to
dedicated graphic drivers, but that is hell as best described by
Hieronimus Bosch (and Russ Cox), no ways would I inflict that on
anyone, I don't wish to encourage that madness.

SSH seems to have lost track, I just no longer use it. Here, Go is
wonderful, in that it has all this new package code that implements
stuff Plan 9 would never acquire (SQL drivers, LDAP interfaces, TLS
and SSL, etc.)

But , as I suggested, I'm closer to a Luddite than to a Plan 9
evangelist. I have a sharp eye for inconsistencies, but it's of
minimal value in this context.

On a positive side, I do use Plan 9 as my development platform (acme +
Go, and a very busy namespace) and I have a few hosts I can run Plan 9
on. If that helps, feel free to let me know.


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