On 2/14/18, Dave MacFarlane <driu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> https://www.github.com/driusan/dgit/
> It's written in Go, which means it'll only work on platforms that Go
> supports (I think there's a list somewhere on the Go wiki, but it's some
> subset of 386/arm/amd64 depending on which fork you're using.)
Let's not forget  Cherry's plan9/mips64 port of Go. I seldom test it,
regrettably, but I've yet to be disappointed. I own a Lemote Yeeloong
and I'd use it more if I had a clue on how to get a disk driver
working on it. But it's OK net-wired to a file/cpu server.

Cherry's amazing development skills unfortunately seem totally consumed by Go.


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