Hi Göran,

I haven’t posted the write-up yet since it is a submission to the workshop and 
the papers are currently in review. As mentioned to you at the OMA meeting we 
are currently attending the analysis revealed two issues, namely the lack of 
stated goals (which makes any security analysis challenging) and the lack of 
authentication from the client to the AS.

IMHO it is, however, only a small data point in this discussion.

I believe the more important question is whether there are people in interested 
in this scenario or not. I have started my opinion about this already at 
earlier meetings.

There is also the IPR disclosure that some folks may take into account, which 
was posted to the list: 

Since you have not posted your view on this topic yet you may want to think 
about whether you consider the feature important for Ericsson. If you believe 
it is important then maybe you could, as Carsten suggested, continue working on 
the functionality in an independent document.

If you want to spend your time on it then I would recommend to do two things, 
namely (a) specify what goals the mechanism is supposed to accomplish and (b) 
build it on top of existing authentication and key exchange protocol. The 
latter part is quite easy since lots of research was done on 3-party security 
protocols and there are various protocols that fit the desired message 
communication pattern. This could give higher confidence in the work.


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Hi Hannes,

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Hi all,

the Client Token is a new mechanism in the ACE-OAuth that aims to solve a 
scenario where the Client does not have connectivity to the Authorization 
Server to obtain an access token while the Resource Server does.

The solution is therefore for the Client to use the Resource Server to relay 
messages to the Authorization Server.

While this sounds nice it does not follow the OAuth model and we, at ARM, have 
not seen anyone requesting this feature. It is also not fully specified in the 
spec: since I have been doing a formal analysis of this protocol variant for 
the OAuth Security Workshop I had to notice that it is not secure. (I will post 
the paper to the list asap.)

Have you posted this? I couldn’t find it my Inbox.

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