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Indeed, now it looks like it is actually doing something:

[    1.273211] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Running action 0x20
[    1.273216] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Read 0xfe from RTC 0x45
[    1.273217] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Running action 0x21
[    1.273221] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Read 0xfe from RTC 0x45
[    1.273226] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Wrote 0xfe to RTC 0x45
[    1.273227] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Running action 0x8
[    1.273231] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Read 0x1800 from 0x00001868
[    1.273232] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Running action 0x11
[    1.273235] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Read 0x8 from 0x0000186a
[    1.273239] wdat_wdt wdat_wdt: Wrote 0x8 to 0x0000186a

The instructions 0x20 and 0x21 that use RTC also look to do the right thing
(e.g clear bit 0, which is already cleared). So in general I think this should
work. One additional test if you don't mind. Can you check if the watchdog is
able to reset the system? You can do this:

  # echo foo > /dev/watchdog

and it should reset the system within 60s or so (depending on the default

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