> I have a situation wherein after I applied a Folder
redirection policy to a 

        > group of users, wherein I had a deny set on the "apply group
policy" for the 

        > Group wherein I had the users computer and user accounts


        > Now all of a sudden, for an entirely different User logon

        > policy(Separate GPO), the policy will not flow down to the
users.  I have 

        > moved the users to different OU's with different user logon
script GPO's, 

        > and none of the GPO's seem to make it to the users, even
though a RSPO, shows 

        > that the users are in the right OU to receive the policy.


        > Futher more, if i perform a GPO Model of the user, or even of
the container 

        > that has the users, the model SHOWS that the user logon script
GPO should 

        > apply,..

        > But by using the GP results  wizard, the policy will not show
in the user 

        > Applied Policy section.... and via checking, it is not in the
denied policy 

        > section either.


        > The policy simply will NOT go down to the user.



        > As a separate test, if i set a Computer start up policy GPO to
the computer, 

        > after a gpupdate, the Computer will see the policy, but for
some reason the 

        > user(s0 will not get the policy.



        > Any ideas?



        Let me add that I ran gpotool, and everything for that policy
checks out ok.  Also, there is no special security filtering for the
logon script GPO.


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