On Friday 14 August 2009 07:53:14 Steve Fink wrote:
> I know bits and pieces of CSS well, and large swathes barely at all.
> Since I'm reading this via gmail, and it has a similar layout except
> it resizes nicely, I did a quick Firebug check to see how they do it.
> I would never have guessed. They do exactly what you're doing: use
> absolute numbers of pixels. But when I resize, they apparently do
> Javascripty magic to rewrite those numbers for the new screen size.
> Tricksy hobbitses.
> Want to try doing the same? Seems far easier than doing "real"
> resizeable layout.

This seems to be very complex. But patches would be welcome and considered to:


What should we do about the header image at the top which is exactly 780px 
wide and aligns with the rest of the page perfectly? Should we have several 
versions of the same image? Suggestions would be welcome.


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