While the subject is not strictly related to advocacy but I was just
contacted by
a client for some work that will be bigger than I can do alone. The
interesting part
was that the client said

"In the Java world there are lots of companies providing
development services but he could not find any in the Perl world"

The extra work is not big enough and long enought to hire someone so
I need to find another contractor/consultant who could take some of the
extra work.

I thought I'll ask some of the people I know but then I realized that I don't
even know about many of the people if they are employed or if they can
offer contract work for a few weeks/months.

There is a very short list of companies and individuals that provide
consulting but I think it would be very useful to enlarge that list:


So if any of you are providing consulting or contract work in Perl
please add yourself to that page. If you know about others who
offer such services, please ask them too to add info about themselves.


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