>>>>> "GS" == Gabor Szabo <szab...@gmail.com> writes:

  GS> The extra work is not big enough and long enought to hire someone so
  GS> I need to find another contractor/consultant who could take some of the
  GS> extra work.

  GS> I thought I'll ask some of the people I know but then I realized that I 
  GS> even know about many of the people if they are employed or if they can
  GS> offer contract work for a few weeks/months.

  GS> There is a very short list of companies and individuals that provide
  GS> consulting but I think it would be very useful to enlarge that list:

  GS> https://www.socialtext.net/perl5/index.cgi?perl_businesses

  GS> So if any of you are providing consulting or contract work in Perl
  GS> please add yourself to that page. If you know about others who
  GS> offer such services, please ask them too to add info about themselves.

and how do i login? is there a perl user/pw or do i make a new
socialtext login?

also this would be more appropriate on the perl jobs list or its discuss


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