On Aug 20, 2010, at 4:06 PM, brian d foy wrote:
> Gabor's basically right though: it's nice to have a list of people
> looking for contracts. I tend to find, however, that the people you'd
> most like to hire aren't ever looking because they have quite the queue
> already. :)

SAGE (the sysadmin guild) has a section of their members site for both job 
postings and for those looking for jobs which is nice not only to see what's 
out there in terms of jobs, e.g. SAG is currently looking for a sysadmin to the 
stars in LA :), and other folks' CVs even if you're not currently looking for 

Those for whom work seeks them are fewer in this economy, especially since I've 
noticed a trend in the SA market of jobs demanding a much wider range of skills 
and for a bit less money. I'm sure it's not much different in other areas of IT 
including programmers. Looking for a job may still carry some stigma similar to 
lepers of yore but, judging by the news lately, they're in good and growing 
company and it wouldn't be a bad idea to give those with specific skills a 
place to market those skills (and available jobs). 


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