On Feb 1, 2013, at 3:43 AM, Johan Vromans <jvrom...@squirrel.nl> wrote:
> An impressive list of Perl success stories would surely do no harm.

Well, ORA has a few at 

Perl is a niche language which is a way of saying it has a well defined range 
of purpose and is one of the reasons it's still on the map. 

If there is one thing that could be done, it's cleaning up CPAN which is 
simultaneously the best thing that ever happened to Perl and the worst thing 
that ever happened to Perl. Even the most dedicated Perl fanatic cannot help 
but be frustrated when installing 1 module becomes a 100 module install 
marathon. I don't anticipate that will be embraced any more now than in the 
past when I have attempted to get some enthusiasm behind such a project but, I 
can always hope for the future. :)


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