brian d foy wrote:
> In article <>, Dave Cross
> <> wrote:
>> "I see that TPF seems to be having problems keeping its archive or press
>> releases up to date. Or, perhaps it doesn't have the resources to
>> produce the number of press releases that it wants to. Either way, I'd
>> love to help out. So does anyone know who I should contact?"
> Well, honestly, it's not that simple. Even the people that do want to
> help wrestle with the web strategy and various levels of approval and
> permission they need to get to do something. It's readily apparent who
> the contactsw should be, but getting past the offer to help is a pretty
> high barrier.

Oh, I'm totally awar of all that. I was just trying to point out that an
offer of help is likely to be better received than just saying "wtf".


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