Years ago I searched for every tip on making iDevices happy and implemented
all of them, now I'm scared to undo any of it, and I don't know if any or
all of them are helping.

I think the list included setting preamble to long, WMM on, lengthening the
group key timeout, maybe some others I'm forgetting.  Also Apple seems to
prefer 5 GHz even if 2.4 GHz has  a better signal.  Not sure if any of that
is relevant.

I don't have any E400's so I can't comment on that.

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I'm doing WIFI at a Hotel using E400 Ap's and Mikrotik hotspot. About once a
week, there will be a device, it always seems like an Apple Device, that
refuses to get a DHCP lease.  The Mikrotik Log fills with entries

dhcp offering lease 'IP' for 'MAC' without success

If I go in through CNMaestro and kick the user, they will re-associate
either to the same AP or a different AP, and then immediately get a DHCP
Lease.  There are other people on the AP working just fine.

Is there something about Apple products, like it's in a sleep mode when it
connects to the WIFI and doesn't request the DHCP Properly when it wakes up
until it re-associates?

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