My enclosure manufacturer for the rackmount injectors seems to be AWOL.
Lots of productive conversations back and forth over the past few months,
but now it comes time to actually finalize prints and order the first
batch, and well.. nothing.   Evidently sending them a finalized drawing and
asking for instructions on how to get these ordered is a good way to get
them to quit responding.

I'm still hopeful that this is just a bump on the road (someone's on
vacation, they're backlogged, etc.), but this just isn't a good sign.

If anyone is aware of a supplier which can make 1U enclosures, in
reasonable quantities (50-100 at a time, not sure how many a year,
hopefully lots more than that), and most importantly at a reasonable price,
I'd appreciate the lead.

I'm reviewing all of the well-known enclosure manufacturers (Bud, OKW,
Hammond, Schroff, etc.) to see if I can fit into one of them and can get
them modified at a price which I think all of you can afford.  Past
experience indicates to me that there is a good chance that this isn't
going to be productive, which is why I'm asking.

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