> One subscriber at the gig level....
> http://spectator.org/alabamas-gig-city-has-one-gigabit-broadband-subscriber/
  Clickbait. I really hate poorly written articles like these. There are plenty 
of reasons for and against municipal broadband. If you have a beef with muni 
broadband, at least put some effort in it and come up with some valid critique. 
Don't just produce blogspam like this. 

  I guess it just isn't sexy to report that they have a take rate of about 25% 
and are on track to be profitable within five years. Focusing on the number of 
gigabit subscribers at $500 per month, when there's a reasonable offering of 
services between $35 and $100 per month, just makes the reporter seem petty. 
It's almost like they have an agenda to push, facts be damned, ...


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